Training Day

The single most important thing a human can do for their health is exercise regularly. Our training day class is approximately 55 minutes of high intensity, total body workout, which will have also have a barbell movement to it. We add a teamwork element to the class as much as possible, along with our staple calisthenics workout with cadence. Some things we do in class are sprints on our turf, jumps, pushing and pulling sleds and TRX. There are also dumb bells, kettle bells and battle ropes along with many other accessory items that we may incorporate into a circuit.

For the Month of Sept
Monday – Bench Press
Tuesday – Squats
Wednesday –  Pull-ups
Thursday –  Over head Press
Friday – Deadlift


Strength Class

Our strength class is designed to help develop your strength foundation which will help prevent injuries and improve performance. The class is limited to 8 people so we focus on form and technique first, then we help you build strength. We utilize dumbbells, barbells and squat racks in this class. Classes are specific to lifting weights therefore cardio is very limited. This class is for anyone that wants to improve overall strength and fitness, from beginners to advanced.




TRX/AB Class


The first 15 minutes of this class will be a Training Day warm-up followed by high intensity calisthenics. The remainder of the class will focus on TRX movements that engage the core musculature and other abdominal exercises using TRX or other equipment. The barbell movement of the day is still incorporated in this class and will be complimented with appropriate TRX exercises. After the first 15 minutes, you can expect the pace of this class to be slightly slower than a Training Day class, however it’s focus on TRX/core/isometric work will ensure that you are working out hard. If you do not frequently use TRX in your workout routine then this is an excellent change-up to work the muscles in different and challenging ways.




Our Mobility Class is for everyone. This class is designed to release joint restrictions, and increase your range of motion.  The Mobility class technique focuses on various techniques including Isometric & PNF stretching, joint mobility, and more without injury or stress to the body. Participants learn how to connect their unique anatomy and biomechanics to improve range of motion, skill and function.



For those that have very specific goals. 

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